top operator

Returns the first N records sorted by the specified columns.

T | top 5 by Name desc nulls last


T | top NumberOfRows by Expression [asc | desc] [nulls first | nulls last]


  • NumberOfRows: The number of rows of T to return. You can specify any numeric expression.
  • Expression: A scalar expression by which to sort. The type of the values must be numeric, date, time or string.
  • asc or desc (the default) may appear to control whether selection is actually from the "bottom" or "top" of the range.
  • nulls first (the default for asc order) or nulls last (the default for desc order) may appear to control whether null values will be at the beginning or the end of the range.


top 5 by name is equivalent to the expression sort by name | take 5 both from semantic and performance perspectives.

See also

  • Use top-nested operator to produce hierarchical (nested) top results.