Microsoft Logic App and Azure Data Explorer (Preview)

The Azure Kusto Logic App connector enables you to run Kusto queries and commands automatically as part of a scheduled or triggered task, using the Microsoft Logic App connector.

Logic App and Power Automate are built on the same connector. Therefore, the limitations, actions, authentication and usage examples that apply to Power Automate, also apply to Logic Apps, as mentioned on the Power Automate documentation page.

How to create a Logic App with Azure Data Explorer

  1. Open the Microsoft Azure portal.

  2. Search for logic app and select it.

    Searching for 'logic app' in the Azure portal, Azure Data Explorer

  3. Select +Add.

    Add logic app

  4. Enter the required details of the form:

    • Subscription
    • Resource group
    • Logic App name
    • Region or Integration Service Environment
    • Location
    • Log analysis on or off
  5. Select Review + create.

    Create logic app

  6. When the Logic App is created, select Edit.

    Edit logic app designer

  7. Create a blank Logic App.

    Logic app blank template

  8. Add recurrence action and select Azure Kusto.

    Logic app Kusto Flow connector

Next steps