Azure Integration Runtime IP addresses

The IP addresses that Azure Integration Runtime uses depends on the region where your Azure integration runtime is located. All Azure integration runtimes that are in the same region use the same IP address ranges.


Data flows does not use these IPs currently.

You can use these IP ranges for Data Movement, Pipeline and External activities executions. These IP ranges can be used for whitelisting in data stores/ Network Security Group (NSG)/ Firewalls for inbound access from Azure Integration runtime.

Azure Integration Runtime IP addresses: Specific regions

Allow traffic from the IP addresses listed for the Azure Integration runtime in the specific Azure region where your resources are located:

Region IP addresses
Asia East Asia,,
  Southeast Asia,,
Australia Australia East,,
  Australia Southeast,,
Brazil Brazil South,,
Canada Canada Central,,
Europe North Europe,,
  West Europe,,
France France Central,,
India Central India,,
Japan Japan East,,
Korea Korea Central,,
South Africa South Africa North,,
United Kingdom UK South,,
United States Central US,,
East US,,
East US2,,
East US 2 EUAP,,
North Central US,,
South Central US,,
West Central US,,
West US,,
West US2,,
US Gov Virginia,,

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