Webhook activity in Azure Data Factory

You can use a web hook activity to control the execution of pipelines through your custom code. Using the webhook activity, customers can call an endpoint and pass a callback URL. The pipeline run waits for the callback to be invoked before proceeding to the next activity.


    "name": "MyWebHookActivity",
    "type": "WebHook",
    "typeProperties": {
        "method": "POST",
        "url": "<URLEndpoint>",
        "headers": {
            "Content-Type": "application/json"
        "body": {
            "key": "value"
        "timeout": "00:03:00",
        "authentication": {
            "type": "ClientCertificate",
            "pfx": "****",
            "password": "****"

Type properties

Property Description Allowed values Required
name Name of the web hook activity String Yes
type Must be set to WebHook. String Yes
method Rest API method for the target endpoint. String. Supported Types: 'POST' Yes
url Target endpoint and path String (or expression with resultType of string). Yes
headers Headers that are sent to the request. For example, to set the language and type on a request: "headers" : { "Accept-Language": "en-us", "Content-Type": "application/json" }. String (or expression with resultType of string) Yes, Content-type header is required. "headers":{ "Content-Type":"application/json"}
body Represents the payload that is sent to the endpoint. The body passed back to the call back URI should be a valid JSON. See the schema of the request payload in Request payload schema section. Yes
authentication Authentication method used for calling the endpoint. Supported Types are "Basic" or "ClientCertificate." For more information, see Authentication section. If authentication is not required, exclude this property. String (or expression with resultType of string) No
timeout How long the activity will wait for the 'callBackUri' to be invoked. How long the activity will wait for the ‘callBackUri’ to be invoked. Default value is 10mins (“00:10:00”). Format is Timespan i.e. d.hh:mm:ss String No

Additional notes

Azure Data Factory will pass an additional property “callBackUri” in the body to the url endpoint, and will expect this uri to be invoked before the timeout value specified. If the uri is not invoked, the activity will fail with status ‘TimedOut’.

The web hook activity itself fails only when the call to the custom endpoint fails. Any error message can be added into the body of the callback and used in a subsequent activity.

Next steps

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