Azure PowerShell samples for Azure Data Factory

The following table includes links to sample Azure PowerShell scripts for Azure Data Factory.


This article applies to version 2 of Data Factory, which is currently in preview. If you are using version 1 of the Data Factory service, which is generally available (GA), see samples for Data Factory version1.

Copy data
Copy blobs from a folder to another folder in an Azure Blob Storage This PowerShell script copies blobs from a folder in Azure Blob Storage to another folder in the same Blob Storage.
Copy data from on-premises SQL Server to Azure Blob Storage This PowerShell script copies data from an on-premises SQL Server database to an Azure blob storage.
Bulk copy This sample PowerShell script copies data from multiple tables in an Azure SQL database to an Azure SQL data warehouse.
Incremental copy This sample PowerShell script loads only new or updated records from a source data store to a sink data store after the initial full copy of data from the source to the sink.
Transform data
Transform data using a Spark cluster This PowerShell script transforms data by running a program on a Spark cluster.
Lift and shift SSIS packages to Azure
Create Azure-SSIS integration runtime This PowerShell script provisions an Azure-SSIS integration runtime that runs SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages in Azure.