APPLIES TO: Azure Data Factory Azure Synapse Analytics

Templates are predefined Azure Data Factory pipelines that allow you to get started quickly with Data Factory. Templates are useful when you're new to Data Factory and want to get started quickly. These templates reduce the development time for building data integration projects thereby improving developer productivity.

Create Data Factory pipelines from templates

You can get started creating a Data Factory pipeline from a template in the following two ways:

  1. Select Create pipeline from template on the Overview page to open the template gallery.

    Open the template gallery from the Overview page

  2. On the Author tab in Resource Explorer, select +, then Pipeline from template to open the template gallery.

    Open the template gallery from the Author tab

The template gallery

Out of the box Data Factory templates

Data Factory uses Azure Resource Manager templates for saving data factory pipeline templates. You can see all the Resource Manager templates, along with the manifest file used for out of the box Data Factory templates, in the official Azure Data Factory GitHub repo. The predefined templates provided by Microsoft include but are not limited to the following items:

My Templates

You can also save a pipeline as a template by selecting Save as template on the Pipeline tab.

Save a pipeline as a template

You can view pipelines saved as templates in the My Templates section of the Template Gallery. You can also see them in the Templates section in the Resource Explorer.

My templates


To use the My Templates feature, you have to enable GIT integration. Both Azure DevOps GIT and GitHub are supported.