Azure Stack Edge Pro R technical specifications

The hardware components of your Azure Stack Edge Pro R device adhere to the technical specifications outlined in this article. The technical specifications describe the Power supply units (PSUs), storage capacity, enclosures, and environmental standards.

Compute, memory specifications

The Azure Stack Edge Pro R device has the following specifications for compute and memory:

Specification Value
CPU type Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4114 CPU
CPU: raw 20 total cores, 40 total vCPUs
CPU: usable 32 vCPUs
Memory type Dell Compatible 16 GB RDIMM, 2666 MT/s, Dual rank
Memory: raw 256 GB RAM (16 x 16 GB)
Memory: usable 217 GB RAM

Compute acceleration specifications

A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is included on every device that enables Kubernetes, deep learning, and machine learning scenarios.

Specification Value
GPU One nVidia T4 GPU
For more information, see NVIDIA T4.

Power supply unit specifications

The Azure Stack Edge Pro R device has two 100-240 V Power supply units (PSUs) with high-performance fans. The two PSUs provide a redundant power configuration. If a PSU fails, the device continues to operate normally on the other PSU until the failed module is replaced. The following table lists the technical specifications of the PSUs.

Specification 550 W PSU
Maximum output power 550 W
Heat dissipation (maximum) 2891 BTU/hr
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage range selection Auto ranging: 115-230 V AC
Hot pluggable Yes

Network specifications

The Azure Stack Edge Pro R device has four network interfaces, PORT1 - PORT4.

Specification Description
Network interfaces 2 x 1 GbE RJ45
PORT 1 is used as the management interface for initial setup and is static by default. After the initial setup is complete, you can use the interface for data with any IP address. However, on reset, the interface reverts to static IP.
The other interface, PORT 2, which is user-configurable, can be used for data transfer, and is DHCP by default.
Network interfaces 2 x 25 GbE SFP28
These data interfaces on PORT 3 and PORT 4 can be configured as DHCP (default) or static.

Your Azure Stack Edge Pro R device has the following network hardware:

  • Mellanox dual port 25G ConnectX-4 channel network adapter - PORT 3 and PORT 4.

For a full list of supported cables, switches, and transceivers for these network cards, go to Mellanox dual port 25G ConnectX-4 channel network adapter compatible products.

Storage specifications

Azure Stack Edge Pro R devices have eight data disks and two M.2 SATA disks that serve as operating system disks. For more information, go to M.2 SATA disks.

Storage for 1-node device

The following table has details for the storage capacity of the 1-node device.

Specification Value
Number of solid-state drives (SSDs) 8
Single SSD capacity 8 TB
Total capacity 64 TB
Total usable capacity* ~ 42 TB

*Some space is reserved for internal use.

Enclosure dimensions and weight specifications

The following tables list the various enclosure specifications for dimensions and weight.

Enclosure dimensions

The following table lists the dimensions of the device and the UPS with the rugged case in millimeters and inches.

Enclosure Millimeters Inches
Height 301.2 11.86
Width 604.5 23.80
Length 740.4 35.50

Enclosure weight

The weight of the device depends on the configuration of the enclosure.

Enclosure Weight
Total weight of 1-node device + rugged case with end caps ~114 lbs

Enclosure environment specifications

This section lists the specifications related to the enclosure environment such as temperature, vibration, shock, and altitude.

Specification Value
Temperature range 0 – 43° C (operational)
Vibration MIL-STD-810 Method 514.7*
Procedure I CAT 4, 20
Shock MIL-STD-810 Method 516.7*
Procedure IV, Logistic
Altitude Operational: 10,000 feet
Non-operational: 40,000 feet

*All references are to MIL-STD-810G Change 1 (2014)

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