Azure DevOps Services version control

Azure DevOps is a collection of services that provide an end-to-end solution for the five core practices of DevOps: planning and tracking, development, build and test, delivery, and monitoring and operations. This article describes how to set Azure DevOps as your Git provider.


Enable and disable Git versioning

By default version control is enabled. To toggle this setting, see Manage the ability to version notebooks in Git. If Git versioning is disabled, the Git Integration tab is not available in the User Settings screen.

Get started

Authentication with Azure DevOps Services is done automatically when you authenticate using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). The Azure DevOps Services organization must be linked to the same Azure AD tenant as Databricks.

In Azure Databricks, set your Git provider to Azure DevOps Services on the User Settings page:

  1. Click User Settings Icon Settings at the lower left of your screen and select User Settings.

  2. Click the Git Integration tab.

  3. Change your provider to Azure DevOps Services.

    Azure DevOps Services GitHub provider

Notebook integration

Notebook integration with Azure DevOps Services is exactly like integration with GitHub. See Work with notebook revisions to learn more about how to work with notebooks using Git.


In Git Preferences, use the URL scheme<org>/<project>/_git/<repo> to link Azure DevOps and Azure Databricks to the same Azure AD tenant.

Git preferences

If your Azure DevOps organzation is, open in your browser and navigate to your repository. Copy the URL from the browser and paste that URL in the Link field.


The Save button in the Databricks UI is grayed out.

Visual Studio Team Services renamed to Azure DevOps Services. Original URLs in the format https://<org><project>/_git/<repo> do not work in Azure Databricks notebooks.

An organization administrator can automatically update the URLs in Azure DevOps Services from the organization settings page.

Alternately, you can manually create the new URL format used in Azure Databricks notebooks to sync with Azure DevOps Services. In the Azure Databricks notebook, enter the new URL in the Link field in the Git Preferences dialog.

Old URL format:


New URL format:<org>/<project>/_git/<repo>