Migrate Deprecated Line Charts

The line chart introduced in Azure Databricks 2.66 provides full support for time-series data. The old line chart is deprecated. We recommend that you migrate any visualizations that use the old line chart to the new one.

In the Azure Databricks visualization menu, the new chart is called Line and the old chart is called Line (deprecated):


The following table details the difference between the Line(deprecated) and Line charts:

Line(deprecated) Line
Date and timestamp are treated as text Date and timestamp are supported
Key can be of any type Key can only be date, timestamp, or number
X-axis is categorical

* Not ordered unless the data is ordered
* Gaps in time do not appear on the chart
X-axis is ordered

* Natural, linear ordering of date, timestamp, and number
* Gaps in time appear as gaps on the chart

To migrate a cell that uses the Line(deprecated) chart to the Line chart:

  • If the key column is already date, timestamp, or number, there‚Äôs nothing to do.
  • If the key column is is not a date, timestamp, or number, you must parse the column to a date, timestamp, or number explicitly as demonstrated in the Timestamp Conversion notebook.

Timestamp conversion notebook

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