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Azure Defender for IoT is being renamed to Microsoft Defender for IoT. The documentation will be updated soon.

Operational technology (OT) networks power many of the most critical aspects of our society. But many of these technologies were not designed with security in mind and can't be protected with traditional IT security controls. Meanwhile, the Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling a new wave of innovation with billions of connected devices, increasing the attack surface and risk.

Microsoft Defender for IoT is a unified security solution for identifying IoT/OT devices, vulnerabilities, and threats. It enables you to secure your entire IoT/OT environment, whether you need to protect existing IoT/OT devices or build security into new IoT innovations.

Microsoft Defender for IoT offers two sets of capabilities to fit your environment's needs.

For end-user organizations with IoT/OT environments, Microsoft Defender for IoT delivers agentless, network-layer monitoring that:

  • Can be rapidly deployed.
  • Integrates easily with diverse industrial equipment and SOC tools.
  • Has zero impact on IoT/OT network performance or stability.

The platform can be deployed fully on-premises or in Azure-connected and hybrid environments.

For IoT device builders, Microsoft Defender for IoT also offers lightweight a micro agent that supports standard IoT operating systems, such as Linux and RTOS. This lightweight agent helps ensure that security is built into your IoT/OT initiatives from the edge to the cloud. It includes source code for flexible, customizable deployment.

Agentless solution

Older IoT, and OT devices don't support agents, and are often unpatched, misconfigured, and invisible to IT teams. Those qualities make them soft targets for threat actors who want to pivot deeper into corporate networks.

Traditional network security monitoring tools developed for corporate IT networks can't address these environments because they lack a deep understanding of the specialized protocols, devices, and machine-to-machine (M2M) behaviors found in IoT and OT environments.

The agentless monitoring capabilities in Microsoft Defender for IoT give you visibility and security for these networks. You can then address key concerns for these environments.

Automatic device discovery

Use passive, agentless network monitoring to gain a complete inventory of all your IoT/OT devices, their details, and how they communicate, with zero impact on the IoT/OT network.

Proactive visibility into risk and vulnerabilities

Identify risks and vulnerabilities in your IoT/OT environment. For example, identify unpatched devices, open ports, unauthorized applications, and unauthorized connections. You can also identify changes to device configurations, PLC code, and firmware.

IoT/OT threat detection

Detect anomalous or unauthorized activities with specialized IoT/OT-aware threat intelligence and behavioral analytics. You can even detect advanced threats missed by static IOCs, like zero-day malware, fileless malware, and living-off-the-land tactics.

Unified security management across IoT/OT

Integrate into Microsoft Sentinel for a bird's-eye view of your entire organization. Implement unified IoT/OT security governance with integration into your existing workflows, including third-party tools like Splunk, IBM QRadar, and ServiceNow.

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