Communicate package quality with release views

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Views filter the feed to a subset of packages that meet criteria defined by the view.

Right now, the only kind of view is a release view. Release views contain the subset of the feed's package-versions that have been promoted into that view. Release views work with NuGet, npm, and Maven packages.

If you've never used release views, read more about why and how they're useful for package continuous integration and delivery before getting started.

Get started with release views

By default, every feed has two release views: Prerelease and Release.

Promoting to a release view

To promote a package-version into the release view:

  1. Select the package
  2. Click the Promote button
  3. Select the view to promote to and select Promote

Promote button next to the package ID

You can also promote using REST APIs.

However, you cannot publish packages directly to a view (e.g. nuget.exe publish -Source ...feed@view/nuget/...). Instead, publish packages to the feed directly then promote them into a view.

Consuming from a release view

Once a package-version is in a release view, you can connect your package client to feed@view to see only packages in that release view. To do so:

  1. Select Connect to feed
  2. Copy the feed URL

Connect to view dialog with view URL

For more details, see Consume NuGet packages in Visual Studio, Install npm modules, or Install Maven artifacts.

If you have a release process with more steps or differently-named steps, you can customize your views.

Use release views with continuous integration/delivery

Today, you can use the NuGet task in Team Build to automatically version your packages, then promote packages into a release view manually in the Packages page. In this case, make sure to check the Include pre-release button in the Visual Studio NuGet Package Manager extension, even when you're using the Release view.

You can also promote packages from a build or release using the Promote package to Release View task from the Marketplace.

What about SemVer and -prerelease?

Today, the NuGet Publisher build task uses the -prerelease part of a SemVer version number to insert build metadata and provide a monotonically increasing package version number to ensure that package immutability constraints are met. In an upcoming sprint, we expect to make improvements to this task to give you better control over the -prerelease field and better integration with release views.

Managing views

You can create your own views and rename and delete existing views in the feed settings dialog.

With your feed selected, select Edit feed (the gear icon).

Edit feed button

Edit feed button

In the edit feed dialog:

  • Select Release views
  • Make your changes
  • Select Save

Views for other scenarios

In time, we expect to provide views for a wider range of scenarios. For example, you might create a view to filter to packages from a certain author or with a certain OSS license. If you have a scenario you'd like to suggest, please visit the Azure DevOps Developer Community.