Communicate package quality with prerelease and release views

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Feeds are organizational containers that allow users to group packages and control who can access them by modifying the feed permissions.

A feed view on the other hand is a way to enable users to share some packages while keeping others private. Views filter the feed to a subset of packages that meet criteria defined by that view.

There are 3 types of views: @local, @Prerelease and @Release. The latter two are suggested views that you can rename or delete as desired. Those views contain a subset of the feed's packages that have been promoted into that specific view. All views currently support NuGet, npm, Maven, Python, and Universal packages.

If you've never used feed views, read more about why and how they're useful for package continuous integration and delivery before getting started.

Get started with feed views

By default, every feed has three types of views: local, Prerelease, and Release view.

Promoting to a prerelease or release view

To promote a package-version:

  1. Select the package
  2. Select the Promote button
  3. Select the view to promote to and select Promote

Promote button next to the package ID

Promote scrollbar

You can also promote a package to a view using the REST API. Azure Artifacts currently supports NuGet, Python, npm, Maven (limited operations) and Universal packages.

  • Promote a NuGet package



See NuGet - Update Package Version for more details.

  • Promote an npm package



See Npm - Update Package for more details.

  • Promote a Python package



See Python - Update Package Version for more details.

  • Promote a Universal package



See Universal - Update Package Version for more details.

Keep in mind that you cannot publish a package directly to a view (for example, nuget.exe publish -Source ...feed@view/nuget/...). Instead, you should publish the package to your feed then promote it to a view.


Package demotion is not supported currently. If you want this feature to be added to future releases, please feel free to Suggest a feature on our Azure DevOps Developer Community.

Managing views

You can create your own views or rename and delete existing ones in the feed settings dialog.

With your feed selected, select the gear icon (on the right side of the page).

Edit feed button

Edit feed button

In the feed settings view:

  • Select Views
  • Make your changes (Add view, Edit, or Delete)
  • Select Ok

Managing views

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