Use dotnet with Azure Artifacts feeds

On developer machines

  1. Navigate to your feed (or create a feed if you haven't).

  2. Select Connect to feed:

    Connect to feed button in the upper-right of the page

  3. Select dotnet under the NuGet header

  4. Select Get the tools in the top right corner

  5. Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 to download and install the latest .NET Core SDK and credential provider.

  6. Follow the instructions in the Project setup, Restore packages, and Publish packages sections to publish.

    NuGet publish instructions in the Connect to feed


    You can also paste the Project setup XML snippet in your default nuget.config file to use outside of a project.

On build machines and in non-interactive scenarios

In Azure Pipelines, use the .NET Core step's restore command, which automatically handles authentication to Azure Artifacts feeds. Otherwise, use the Azure Artifacts Credential Provider and pass in credentials using the VSS_NUGET_EXTERNAL_FEED_ENDPOINTS environment variable.