Share your NuGet, npm, and Maven packages from Azure DevOps Services with badges

Azure DevOps Services

You can share your packages anywhere you can share an image with badges. You can put a badge directly into your project's home page in Azure DevOps Services or in any Markdown/README file so readers can easily discover and consume your package.

Example NuGet package badge:
Azure DevOps Services Package sharing badge for NuGet, npm, or Maven


Package badges can only be created and shared for released versions of packages; the criteria for what is considered a released version depends on the protocol type. Prereleased versions will not be displayed in badges, instead the badge will show the latest release version.

Enable package sharing

To start sharing your Azure DevOps Services-hosted packages with badges you'll first have to turn on Package sharing in your feed settings.

Only feed administrators can edit the feed.

  1. Go to your Feed settings page by clicking on the gear icon from your feed page:

    Edit an Azure DevOps Services feed in Azure Artifacts

    Edit an Azure DevOps Services feed in Package

  2. Find the Package sharing section and select Enable package badges.

This will enable the Create badge button for every package in that feed.

Create badge for NuGet, npm, or Maven packages in Azure DevOps Services

Create badge for NuGet, npm, or Maven packages in Azure DevOps Services

Create badge

You can create a badge for any package that is in a feed with package sharing enabled. You can only create a badge for the latest version of each package.

  1. Go to your package in Azure DevOps Services and click the Create badge option.

  2. Select a Feed view for your package badge. If you're using release views, select the view that contains the packages you want to share; otherwise, just use No view.

  3. You'll see a preview of your badge. You can copy the Markdown version of your badge that includes alt text, or a direct image link.

Add the markdown or direct image link to your README or any other place you want to share your package!