Use the .artifactignore file

The .artifactignore is a text file that controls what files are uploaded when you publish either a Universal Package or a Pipeline Artifact. The format of the .artifactignore file matches that of the .gitignore file. Like the .gitignore file, the .artifactignore file would typically be checked into your version control repository in the directory from which you upload your artifacts. By using the .artifactignore file you can avoid needing to copy files into a staging directory before publishing an artifact which can help reduce overall build and pipeline execution times. Here is an example .artifactignore file:


The above .artifactignore file instructs the Universal Package task/command-line and Pipeline Artifact tasks to ignore all files except the files in the src/MyApp/bin/Release directory. In this instance the .artifactignore file would be checked into the root of the repository.


Refer to the Git guidance on the .gitignore syntax, the syntax for .artifactignore is the same.

Ignored by default

To reduce the chances of the entire .git folder being uploaded, we automatically ignore this directory. You can unignore by adding the following to your .artifactignore file: