Start using Azure Boards (Basic process)

Azure Boards

Use this guide to sign up and start using Azure Boards.


Select the version that meets your location and process: We are experimenting with a new acquisition model which is currently available for users located in the United States and that sign up through This model supports a new Basic process.
For International users and others who sign up through another method, the Agile process is used. Select your version of this article based on your location and process used.

Start with Sign up and invite some teammates.

Then, read Track issues and tasks to start adding and tracking issues on the Kanban board. To add columns, swimlanes, or fields to your board, see Customize your boards.


This quickstart guide illustrates how to sign up, create a project based on the Basic process, and start tracking issues and tasks. If you want more information on working with other processes which offer other work item types, such as user stories and bugs, then see Choose a process.

If you use GitHub and want to track your issues in Azure Boards, see GitHub & Azure Boards.

If you are tasked with managing Azure Boards settings, review Manage your Azure Boards project for additional configurations and resources that you may want to make.


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