Configure status badges to add to GitHub README files

Azure Boards

You can add Markdown syntax to a GitHub repo file to display the status of your Kanban board. You do this by adding the syntax you choose from your Kanban board settings.


This syntax will work whether you have or haven't connected your project to a or GitHub Enterprise Server repository. For GitHub Enterprise Server, your server must be network accessible to Azure DevOps Services.


  • You must connect to an Azure Boards or Azure DevOps project. If you don't have a project yet, create one.
  • You must have a Kanban board you want to configure. When you add a team, you add a Kanban board for that team. To learn more, see About teams and Agile tools.
  • You must be added to the team administrator role for the team's settings you want to modify, or be a member of the Project Administrators security group. To get added, see Add a team administrator or Set permissions at the project- or collection-level.
  • You must be granted Stakeholder access or higher. For details, see About access levels.
  • To add the status badge to the repository, you must be a contributor of the repository.

Open your Kanban board settings

  1. Sign into Azure Boards.

  2. Open your Kanban board. If you're not a team admin, get added as one. Only team and project admins can customize the Kanban board.

  3. Choose the  gear icon to configure the board and set general team settings.

    Open board settings for a team, vert nav

  4. Choose Status badge and then check or uncheck the Allow anonymous users to access the status badge. When unchecked, users who aren't signed in can still view the status badge.

    Settings,Status badge

  5. Choose the badge type you want and choose the  copy icon to copy the Markdown syntax for the badge.

    In progress items ignores the first and last columns. All columns includes the first and last columns.

    Also, you can customize the set of columns by specifying 2 for the columnOptions and then a comma-delimited list of the board columns to appear. For example, columnOptions=2&columns=Proposed,Committed,In%20Progress,In%20Review, as shown in the following syntax. For column labels that include spaces, you must encode the space with %20. For example, In%20Progress.

    Settings,Status badge

    And which will cause a badge similar to the following to display.

    Settings,Status badge

  6. When done, choose Save and close or Cancel.


    The only setting that you can configure is the Allow anonymous users to access the status badge. The badge type under Settings only switches the Markdown syntax for you to copy from the Sample Markdown and Image URL values.

  7. Open the README file in your GitHub repo and paste the syntax you copied to have the badge display.

    You should see the same preview image that you selected with values that correspond to your Kanban board. For example:

    Status badge in gitHub repo