Keyboard shortcuts for interacting with work item queries

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You can use the keyboard shortcuts provided in this article from the web portal or from Visual Studio Team Explorer.

Queries page

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts when working with queries in the web portal. To view the valid shortcuts, enter Shift+? from Boards>Queries or Work>Queries.


The following shortcuts are available from Azure DevOps Services or TFS 2015.2 or later versions.

Queries keyboard shortcuts Queries

                c q    Add new query

                   r or Alt+r     Refresh query

           Alt+q      Return to query
    j or Alt+n      Select next item
    k or Alt+p     Select previous item
Ctrl+Shift+f    Filter results

Team Explorer Query editor and results

When working in Visual Studio Team Explorer, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts. Use query results shortcuts whenever you have a list of work items, such as the query results view or a list of linked work items within a work item form.

Query editor Action Query results Action
Left/right arrow  Move focus left/right Left/right arrow  Scroll left/right
Up/Down arrow  Move focus up/down PgUp/PgDn Scroll up/down
Shift+Up/Down arrow Highlight consecutive clauses Shift+Up/Down arrow Highlight consecutive rows
Shift+Left arrow Move focus left one field at a time Shift+Alt,n Move focus to next item
Shift+Right arrow Move focus right one field at a time Shift+Alt,p Move focus to previous item
End Move focus to end of current clause End Move focus to bottom of list
Enter Move focus down Enter Open selected work item
Tab Move focus right, one field at a time Home Move focus to top of list
Ctrl+c Copy selected clause +/- Expand/collapse current row
Ctrl+s Save changes (editor) Ctrl+s Save changes (results)
Ctrl+v Paste copied clause F5 Refresh
Del Delete contents of current field or clause