Set the Work Items experience

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Visual Studio 2019 supports switching between the default view of the Work Items page and the legacy view. The default view is designed to match the Work Items page available in the web portal. The legacy view supports the Work Items page available with the previous versions of Visual Studio.

Each view supports the following tasks:

Default experience

Legacy experience

Change your Work Items view

  1. From Visual Studio 2019 choose Tools>Options.

  2. In the Options dialog, enter work items in the search box.

  3. Choose your Landing page option from the menu.

    Open Tools>Options>Work Items

To learn more about Options, see Options Dialog Box (Visual Studio).

New Git tool experience

Visual Studio 2019 now includes a new Git tool that provides an improved experience when connecting to a Git repository. When you enable this tool, the Team Explorer tool is effectively disabled when connected to a Git repository. You can acquire the new tool by downloading Visual Studio 2019 version 16.6. To enable and use the new tool, see Git experience in Visual Studio.