REST Clients

This API is in private preview and subject to change.

A REST client simplifies calling Azure DevOps Services REST APIs from your client-side (JavaScript/TypeScript) extension code.


Looking for Azure DevOps REST APIs? See the newest Azure DevOps REST API reference. api-version = 5.1

For information about .NET client libraries, see .NET client libraries for Azure DevOps (and TFS).

Get started

To get started with calling client methods from your extension, see how to call a REST API. In general, the steps are:

  1. Construct or acquire an instance of a client
  2. Call the method on the client instance, passing any necessary parameters
  3. Wait for the response
    • All REST client methods are non-blocking and return a Promise object. A promise represents a future return value (or exception). Typically you call then() on the returned object, passing a function that you want to have called when the response is received.

Available clients