Azure DevOps Services extensibility points

Extensions extend and enhance the Azure DevOps Services user experience by contributing new capabilities. This guide highlights the most common extensibility points that your extension can target.


To learn more about the Azure DevOps Services extensibility model, see contribution model for an overview.

Other useful references

The Contributions Guide extension is a sample extension that you can install into your organization to see the extensibility points that are available. It is recommended to install this extension into a personal or test organization. The source for this extension is also available.

Hubs and hub groups

Hubs and hub groups are the primary navigation elements in Azure DevOps Services. Files, Releases Backlog, and Queries are examples of hubs. A hub belongs to a hub group. The Files hub, for example, belongs to the project-level Code hub group. Hub groups can exist at the organization (also known as a collection) level or the project level, but most extensions will contribute to the project level.

Extensions can contribute both hubs and hub groups. A common extensibility scenario is to contribute a hub to an existing hub group. For example:


Targetable hub groups

Here are the most common, Microsoft-provided hub groups that hubs can be contributed to:

Name ID Level Preview
Code ms.vss-code-web.code-hub-group Project/team sourcesshub
Work Project/team workhub
Build and Release Project/team build
Test ms.vss-test-web.test-hub-group Project/team build
Project settings ms.vss-web.project-admin-hub-group Project projectadmin
Account settings ms.vss-web.collection-admin-hub-group Account (or collection) projectadmin


This example shows how to contribute a hub to the Code hub group:

    "contributions": [
            "id": "my-custom-hub",
            "type": "ms.vss-web.hub",
            "targets": [
            "properties": {
                "name": "Code Hub",
                "order": 30,
                "uri": "/views/code/custom.html"
  • ms.vss-web.hub is the type of this contribution. This type is defined in the vss-web extension published under the ms publisher. This type declares optional/required properties required by contributions of this type (name, order, etc).
  • ms.vss-code-web.code-hub-group is the full ID of the hub group contribution this hub is targeting. This contribution is declared in the vss-code-web extension published under the ms publisher
  • my-custom-hub is the short ID of this contribution; {publisherId}.{extensionId}.my-custom-hub is the full ID

See how to add an action for details on contributing an action to a menu or toolbar.


Name Target ID Preview
Account (collection) overview toolbar ms.vss-admin-web.collection-overview-toolbar-menu
Collection overview projects grid ms.vss-admin-web.projects-grid-menu
Project overview toolbar ms.vss-admin-web.project-overview-toolbar-menu
Project overview teams grid ms.vss-admin-web.teams-grid-menu


Name Target ID Preview
Completed build menu ms.vss-build-web.completed-build-menu completedBuildActions
Build definitions menu buildDefinitionActions
Test results toolbar action ms.vss-test-web.test-results-actions-menu testResultsToolbarAction
Test result details tab ms.vss-test-web.test-result-details-tab-items testResultDetailsTab


Name Target ID Preview
Release pipeline explorer context menu ms.vss-releaseManagement-web.release-definition-explorer-context-menu definitionExplorerContextMenu
Release pipeline explorer toolbar menu ms.vss-releaseManagement-web.release-definition-explorer-toolbar-menu definitionExplorerToolbarMenu
Release summary toolbar menu ms.vss-releaseManagement-web.release-editor-tool-bar-menu releaseSummaryToolbarMenu
Release summary tab ms.vss-releaseManagement-web.release-details-view releaseSummaryTab
Release summary section ms.vss-releaseManagement-web.release-details-summary-tab releaseSummarySection


Name Target ID Preview
Source item (grid) menu ms.vss-code-web.source-grid-item-menu sourceItemGridActions
Source item (tree) menu ms.vss-code-web.source-tree-item-menu sourceItemTreeActions
Source item (grid and tree) menu ms.vss-code-web.source-item-menu
Change list item menu ms.vss-code-web.change-list-item-menu
Change list summary item menu ms.vss-code-web.change-list-summary-item-menu
Git branches tree menu ms.vss-code-web.git-branches-tree-menu gitBranchesTree
Git pull request actions menu ms.vss-code-web.pull-request-action-menu gitPullRequestActions
Git pull request tabs (pivots) gitPullRequestTab


Name Target ID Preview
Test run toolbar ms.vss-test-web.test-run-toolbar-menu
Test run grid menu ms.vss-test-web.test-run-grid-menu
Test plan suites toolbar ms.vss-test-web.test-plans-suites-toolbar
Test plan suites tree menu ms.vss-test-web.test-plans-suites-context
Test plan hub pivot tab ms.vss-test-web.test-plan-pivot-tabs testHubPivotTab


Name Target ID Preview
Work item query menu queryActions
Work item query results toolbar menu queryResultsToolbarMenu
Work item query results menu item ms.vss-work-web.query-result-work-item-menu queryResultItemMenu
Work item query results tab ms.vss-work-web.query-tabs queryResultsPivotTab
Work item for context menu workItemActions
Backlog item menu ms.vss-work-web.backlog-item-menu backlogItemActions
Sprint board pivot filter menu ms.vss-work-web.sprint-board-pivot-filter-menu sprintBoardPivotFilterActions
Board pivot filter menu ms.vss-work-web.backlog-board-pivot-filter-menu backlogBoardPivotFilterActions
Card menu ms.vss-work-web.backlog-board-card-item-menu
Product backlog tab ms.vss-work-web.product-backlog-tabs productBacklogTab
Iteration backlog tab ms.vss-work-web.iteration-backlog-tabs iterationBacklogTab
Portfolio backlog pane ms.vss-work-web.portfolio-backlog-toolpane portfolioBacklogPane
Product backlog pane ms.vss-work-web.requirement-backlog-toolpane productBacklogPane
Iteration backlog pane ms.vss-work-web.iteration-backlog-toolpane iterationBacklogPane


An extension can contribute a new type of widget that can be added by users to a dashboard. Learn how to contribute a dashboard widget.

Work item form

The work item form can be enhanced by extensions with new sections, tabs, actions, and custom field renderers. Learn how to extend the work item form.

Build and release tasks

Tasks are responsible for performing work in a build or release. Learn how to contribute a build or release task.

Service hooks

A "consumer" is the service that events are sent to in Service Hooks. An extension can contribute consumer services that can be configured by a user (or programmatically) to send events to that service See contribute a service hooks consumer.