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DevOps at Scale Agile at Microsoft Git (Anti-) Patterns
Lessons Learned Doing DevOps at Microsoft at Scale Agile at Microsoft Git patterns and anti-patterns for successful developers


Selected videos from both public conferences and internal training sessions.

From Idea to Production: the LifeCycle of a Pull Request Originally presented at Nike DevOpsDays, this talk walks you through how Microsoft does DevOps with a live demo taking a change from an idea to production. Sam Guckenheimer 55 June 2018
Global DevOps Bootcamp 2018 Keynote In this video, Buck Hodges gives a 30 minute overview of how we evolved from TFS into VSTS as a service that ships every sprint. Buck Hodges 26 June 2018
DevOpsDays Seattle 2018: Moving 75,000 Engineers To DevOps On The Public Cloud Transforming Microsoft to One Engineering System with a globally distributed 24x7x365 service on the public cloud. We’ll show you round the system that handles the load of some of the most demanding engineering teams in the world and share some stories about how they got there. Sam Guckenheimer 33 June 2018
Azure DevOps with VSTS DevOps is about people, process and products. Getting it all right requires effort but the benefits to your organization and customers can be huge. Microsoft has a fantastic set of products that can adapt to any language on any platform. In this demo heavy session, starting from just a blank desktop, we will create a new DevOps project and a complete pipeline. We will show you how to deploy to a number of different Azure services, all live and hands on. Damian Brady,
Abel Wang
59 May 2018
Git patterns and anti-patterns for successful developers In this session we show how to use Git in teams with pull requests and how to use branches to manage your releases. In this session we will compare GitHub flow with the 'Release Flow' practised at Microsoft. Edward Thomson 20 May 2018
Building Windows - how the bits flow from check-in to the fast-ring Ever wondered how Microsoft takes the combined work of over 11,000 engineers developing Windows at Microsoft, bring it together in one branch, build, test and get it onto your desktop. Want to know what happens to the telemetry, error reports and bugs that you send and how Microsoft tracks them through to fixes. In this session we'll take you through the VSTS based engineering system used by Windows, talk about the transformation to Agile practises and to Git for version control and talk about what improvements we are hoping to make in the future. Edward Thomson,
Jill Campbell
40 May 2018
Lessons Learned Doing DevOps at Microsoft at Scale Lessons Learned Doing DevOps at Microsoft at Scale Buck Hodges 60 November 2017
Agile at Microsoft Learn how the Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) team at Microsoft has changed their approach to building software and services by adopting an Agile culture and mindset. Aaron Bjork takes you on a journey of contrasting the “old way” with the “new way”, and shares key changes that contributed to the transformation including thoughts on teams, roles, sprints, planning, and learning. Aaron Bjork 41 October 2017
Microsoft Transformation Wrapup For a great overview of lessons learned at Microsoft Developer Division, Lori Lamkin covers our seven-year journey to cloud cadence. She goes through the sequence of steps we took, and that you can take as you become proficient at DevOps. Lori Lamkin 1:12 October 2017
VSTS: From Monolith to Cloud Service Buck Hodges reviews the path from monolith to cloud service as we moved from a single delivery stream of Team Foundation Server (TFS) on-premises to dual streams including VSTS on Azure. He discusses how we maintain consistency between the on-premises product and the hosted multi-tenant service. Buck Hodges 37 October 2017
Achieving No Downtime Through Versioned Service Updates Running the hosted service 24x7x365 globally requires that we can deploy updates intraday with no downtime. Buck describes the architecture and technical process for updating the service while live. Buck Hodges 13 October 2017
Cloud Patterns for Resiliency (Circuit Breakers and Throttling) By definition, a 24x7x365 service needs to be always available. Buck describes how we have used cloud patterns for resiliency, such as circuit breakers and throttling, to ensure the availability and performance of VSTS. Buck Hodges 39 October 2017
Eliminating Flaky Tests To get a reliable signal from high-volume test automation, we need to be able to trust the test results. Munil describes how we eliminate flaky tests so that red can mean red. Munil Shah 12 October 2017
Git at Scale Learn how Microsoft use Git in large teams, make use of the advanced Pull Request and Code Review features in VSTS and peek under the hood to understand how Microsoft makes large repos and servers scale to support some of the most demanding needs of any software engineering team. Edward Thomson 1:10 September 2017
Live Site Culture and Site Reliability Live-Site Culture (or a Production-First Mindset) is essential to running a service. Tom Moore discusses both how we handle service reliability and how we practice, You Build It, You Run It. Tom Moore 1:57 October 2017
Progressive Experimentation with Feature Flags A key advantage of the cloud service is that it provides a continuous feedback loop with our users. Here Buck discusses how we use feature flags to progressively reveal new functionality and to experiment in production. Buck Hodges 17 October 2017
Quality in VSTS Microsoft's decision to move to a single engineering organization, where development and testing are a unified part of the build process rather than separate roles, has helped each person have a greater impact on the quality of the software. Munil Shah shares his first hand experiences. Munil Shah 34 October 2017
Safe Deployment Practices When you deploy continuously, you need to control the blast radius and continually expand based on the health of the release. Ed Glas goes over the safe deployment practices that we use for progressive exposure. Ed Glas 1:20 October 2017
Security Security is a key part of DevOps. Buck Hodges first walks through how we have done our security war games with red teams and blue teams. Buck goes on to cover our best practices for DevSecOps in running a SaaS business. Buck Hodges 58 October 2017
Shift Left to Test Fast and Reliably Availability would be meaningless without suitable quality. Here Munil Shah covers how we shift left to test fast and reliably. For example, he takes us through the evolution that has led to our ability to run 60,000 tests in the pull request flow before commit to master and continuous integration. Munil Shah 32 October 2017
Testing in Production Testing only in pre-production environments helps you with the faults you’ve previously encountered, but not the ones you haven’t seen. Munil explains how there is no place like production and that means we need to test in production too. Munil Shah 12 October 2017
Migrating from Team Foundation Server to Visual Studio Team Services If your organization is currently using on-premises Team Foundation Server (TFS) but are considering moving into VSTS this session shows you how it is done, best practices, and common gotchas to watch out for. Rogan Ferguson,
Dan Hellem
1:15 October 2017
Moving 70,000 Microsofties to DevOps on the Public Cloud This is the story of transforming Microsoft to One Engineering System with a globally distributed 24x7x365 service on the public cloud. We’ll show you round the system that handles the load of some of the most demanding engineering teams in the world and share some stories about how they got there. Sam Guckenheimer 51 September 2017

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