Install free extensions

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Add new features and capabilities to your organization in Azure DevOps by installing extensions. You can install free, preview, or paid In this quickstart, you learn how to install a free extension.

To learn about building your own Azure DevOps extensions, see developing and publishing extensions.


Install the extension

  1. Sign in to the Visual Studio Marketplace > Azure DevOps.

    Extensions marketplace

  2. Find and select the extension that you want to install. For this quickstart, we select Code Search.

  3. Choose Get it free.

    Install free extension

  4. Select your organization and select Install to install the extension.

    Select organization for this extension

Your extension is now installed! You can now go to your organization to use your extension. Also, tell your team about this extension, so they can start using its capabilities too.

Extension installed

Next steps

Find answers to common problems on the troubleshooting page.