Add users to your organization or project in Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps Services

Learn how to add users to your organization and specify the level of features they can use, such as Basic or Stakeholder. The following types of users can join your organization for free:

  • Five users who get Basic features, such as version control, tools for Agile, Java, build, release, and more
  • Unlimited users who get Stakeholder features, such as working with your backlog, work items, and queries
  • Unlimited Visual Studio subscribers who also get Basic features, and in some cases, additional features with specific extensions, such as Test Manager

Need more users with Basic features or Visual Studio subscriptions?


You can add people to projects, rather than to your organization. They are automatically assigned Basic features, if your organization has seats available, or Stakeholder features, if not. Learn how to add members to projects.

When people don't need access to your organization anymore, delete them from your organization.

How access differs from permissions

Access levels control which features are available to users - that is, the full set of organization resources that a user is entitled to access. Permissions then control which of these organization resources the user can act on. To learn more, see Default permissions and access for Azure DevOps Services and TFS.


You need project collection administrator or organization owner permissions. For more information, see Quickstart: Set permissions at the project level or project collection level.

Add users to your organization

Administrators can now add users to an organization, grant access to appropriate tooling extensions and service access level, and add users to groups all in one view. You can add up to 50 users at once. You can add more than 50 users by repeatedly using this Users view. When you add users, each receives a notification email with a link to the organization page.


If you have an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)-backed organization, and you need to add users who are external to Azure AD, first add external users to Azure AD. On the Tell us about this user page, under Type of user, be sure to choose User with an existing Microsoft account. After you complete those steps, use the following steps to add the external Azure AD user to Azure DevOps.

To give other users access to your organization, add their email addresses.


Your web portal uses either the New navigation or Previous navigation user interface. Choose the New navigation tab if the New Navigation feature is enabled. You'll see a vertical sidebar along with other navigational features when New Navigation has been enabled for the signed-in user or the organization. Choose Previous navigation when you see a top-level, blue-bar—indicating that New navigation isn't enabled. For more information, see Web portal navigation.

  1. Sign in to your organization ({yourorganization}).

  2. Select gear icon Organization settings.

    Open Organization settings

  3. Select Users and then select Add new users to open the form.

    Select Add new users

  4. Complete the form.

    Web portal, organization admin context, Add new users dialog box

    • Users: Enter the Microsoft account's email address for the user organization. You can add several email addresses by separating them with a semicolon (;). Note that in Microsoft accounts, the email addresses appear in red.
    • Access level: Leave the access level at Basic for users who will contribute to the code base. To learn more, see About access levels.
    • Add to projects: Select the project that you named in the previous procedure.
    • Groups: Leave this entry at Project Contributors, the default security group for people who will contribute to your project. To learn more, see Default permissions and access assignments.
  5. Select Add to complete your invitation.