Add organization users to your Azure Active Directory

Azure DevOps Services

If your organization was created with a Microsoft account, you can connect your organization to your directory (tenant) in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Then you can sign in to Azure DevOps with the same user name and password that you use with these Microsoft services. You can also enforce policies for accessing your team's critical resources and key assets.

For more information, see the conceptual overview for using Azure AD with Azure DevOps.

If your users don't already exist in Azure AD

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal as global administrator for your organization's directory. See the following topics for information about signing in:

  2. Add the sign-in addresses for all of your organization users to your directory. Include yourself as the organization Owner, if you're not already in the directory.

    What does an example directory look like?

    Suppose Jamal is an Azure AD global administrator at Fabrikam and is listed in the Fabrikam directory with his work account ( He's also the organization Owner and a user with a Microsoft account ( He wants to keep his work history, so he adds his Microsoft account to the Fabrikam directory. If Jamal doesn't need his work history, he can use his work account with Azure DevOps. To free up the access used by his Microsoft account, he must change the organization Owner to his work account.

    Nicole is user at Fabrikam. She has a work account ( that shares the same sign-in address as her Microsoft account. Nicole continues to work seamlessly with the same sign-in address.

    Here's what the Fabrikam directory might look like in the Azure portal after Jamal adds users from his organization:

    Directory after adding users

    For more information about how to set up users, see this FAQ.

  3. After adding your organization users to your directory, connect your organization to your directory.