Change the time zone in Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps Services

Learn how to change the time zone for your organization or your user profile.

The following time zones are available in Azure DevOps:

  • Azure DevOps organization time zone - the main time zone setting. This setting is where all your iteration dates, builds, and release schedules depend upon, and so on. Changing your organization time zone affects its dependencies.
  • Azure DevOps user profile time zone - only used for the user interface (UI). Your user profile time zone setting is used for a more personalized experience. It also displays timestamps for when users browse Azure DevOps using the time zone that's configured for that specific user.

If your organization time zone is EST, and user profile is PST, all date and time fields display in PST time zone. To learn more, see Time zone settings and usage.

Change your organization time zone

  1. Sign in to your organization ({yourorganization}).

  2. Select gear icon Organization settings.

    Open Organization settings

  3. Go to Overview, and then select the time zone from the dropdown menu.

    Select time zone in Overview tab or Organization settings

  4. Select Save.

Change your user profile time zone


To enable the new user interface for the New account manager, see Enable preview features.

  1. From your home page, select User settings, and then select Time and Locale.

    Select User settings icon and then Time and Locale

  2. You can update your preferred language, date pattern, time pattern, and time zone. When you're done, select Save.

    Select Time and Locale