Disable your organization's Request Access policy

Azure DevOps Services

Stop your users from requesting access to your organization or project within your organization, by disabling the Request Access policy.

When this policy is on, users can request access to a resource. A request results in an email notification to the administrators asking for review and access, as needed.


To change a policy, you need at least Basic access and organization Owner or Project Collection Administrator permissions. How do I find the organization Owner?

Disable Request Access policy

  1. Sign in to your organization (https://dev.azure.com/{yourorganization}).

  2. Choose gear icon Organization settings.

    Choose the gear icon, Organization settings

  3. In the Policies tab, find the Request Access policy and move the toggle to off.

    Disable the Request Access policy in Organization settings

  4. Provide the URL to your internal process for gaining access. Users see this URL in the error report when they try to access the organization or a project within the organization that they don't have access to.

    Enter the URL to your organization's internal process for gaining access.