Quickstart: Set up billing for your organization

Azure DevOps Services

In this quickstart, you learn to set up billing for your organization in advance of making purchases, so that you'll have this in place once you're ready to buy. But the preferred method is to simply make an initial purchase. Make a purchase in the Visual Studio Marketplace to set up billing for your organization. During that process we'll prompt you for an Azure subscription where charges should apply and allow you to create a new Azure subscription if you don't have one already.

All services are billed via Azure, and you're not required to use any other Azure services.

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create one before you begin. Please note that the Azure Free Trial is not supported.


The first time you set up billing for your organization, whether via the Azure portal or as part of making a purchase in the Visual Studio Marketplace - you'll need the following:

To make subsequent edits to paid quantities in your organization, you only need access to purchase on the Azure subscription.

Set up billing via the Azure portal

If you want to set up billing for your organization before buying something in the Visual Studio Marketplace, you can do so from within the Azure portal.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal as organization owner and as a user who can make purchases on an Azure subscription.

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  2. Select All services, and then select Azure DevOps organizations.

    Select Azure DevOps organizations under All services

  3. Select your organization.

    Select your organization

  4. Select Set up billing.

    Select the link button over the middle panel

  5. Select your Azure subscription, and then select Link.

    Select an Azure subscription

    After the link is set up in Azure, your organization appears linked to your Azure subscription.

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