Quickstart: View project homepage or a dashboard

Azure DevOps Services - Public Projects

In this quickstart, you learn how to view the project homepage, which typically provides information about the project, and dashboards, which provide charts, links, or focused information for a team or project.

If you're a contributor, you can also edit README files for a project and add and edit dashboards.

Here we focus on what you can do as an anonymous user who isn't signed in as a contributor to a project.

Open the project home page

From your web browser, open the public project.

To open the project home page, choose Summary from the sidebar.

Open the Project Home Page, anonymous user

You're invited to clone the project's main Git repository to your computer. To learn more about cloning, see Clone a Git repository.


You can clone a Git repository via HTTPS, however not with SSH and GVFS endpoints. Clients like Visual Studio and IntelliJ work with the HTTPS clone URL.

View dashboards

To view a dashboard, choose Dashboards. You see the set of dashboards defined for the default team. Choose one of the dashboards to open it.

Open Dashboards, anonymous user

Unavailable dashboard widgets

Anonymous users won't be able to view or interact with select widgets. In place of the widget display, you'll see an image similar to the one as shown.

Open Dashboards, anonymous user

The following dashboard widgets aren't available to anonymous users:

  • Assigned to me
  • Code tile
  • New work item
  • Pull request
  • Query results
  • Requirements quality
  • Sprint burndown
  • Sprint capacity
  • Sprint overview
  • Team members
  • Welcome
  • Work links
  • Other links

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