Differences between Inheritance and Hosted XML

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If you are currently on Hosted XML and looking to move your process to Inherited, here is a comparison chart of the differences you can expect between the two customization models.

Item Inherited Hosted XML
Process administration Web ui and REST API XML and import through web ui
Process security Supported Collection admin only
Custom work item types Supported Supported
Custom fields Supported Supported
Custom lists Supported Supported
Global lists Shared picklist Supported
Cascading picklists With extension Supported
Custom values in system fields Supported Supported
Custom reason field values & rules Supported with work around Supported
Custom states Supported Supported
Custom rules Supported Supported
for / not rules Not supported Not supported
Disable system rules Not supported Supported (not recommended)
Customize layout Supported Supported
Portfolio backlog levels Supported Supported
Move projects to a different process Supported Not supported
Clone process Supported Not supported
Disable process Supported Supported
REST API Supported Not supported
Work item extensions Supported Supported

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