Cloud-based Apache JMeter Load Test task

Azure Pipelines


The cloud-based load testing service is deprecated. More information about the deprecation, the service availability, and alternative services can be found here.

Use this task in a build or release pipeline to run Apache JMeter load tests in the cloud.


The agent must have the following capability:

  • Azure PowerShell

YAML snippet

# Cloud-based Apache JMeter load test
# Run an Apache JMeter load test in the cloud
- task: ApacheJMeterLoadTest@1
    #connectedServiceName: # Optional
    #loadTest: 'jmeter.jmx' 
    #agentCount: '1' # Options: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    #runDuration: '60' # Options: 60, 120, 180, 240, 300
    #geoLocation: 'Default' # Optional. Options: default, australia East, australia Southeast, brazil South, central India, central US, east Asia, east US 2, east US, japan East, japan West, north Central US, north Europe, south Central US, south India, southeast Asia, west Europe, west US
    #machineType: '0' # Optional. Options: 0, 2


Azure Pipelines Connection(Optional) Select a previously registered service connection to talk to the cloud-based load test service. Choose 'Manage' to register a new connection.
Apache JMeter test files folder(Required) Relative path from repo root where the load test files are available.
Apache JMeter file(Required) The Apache JMeter test filename to be used under the load test folder specified above.
Agent Count(Required) Number of test agents (dual-core) used in the run.
Run Duration (sec)(Required) Load test run duration in seconds.
Run load test using(Optional) undefined
Control options

Open source

This task is open source on GitHub. Feedback and contributions are welcome.

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