Search your packages

Azure DevOps Services

Package Search provides fast and flexible search across all your packages inside your organization.

Learn more about packages here: Azure Artifacts in Azure DevOps Services

Start searching

  1. Open the Azure Artifacts section in Azure DevOps (see Web portal navigation).

  2. Choose the start search icon icon at the top right of the window to show the search textbox.

    The Work Item Search textbox in the title bar

  3. Enter a search string in the textbox, and press Enter (or choose the

    start search icon icon) to start your search.

View the results

  1. Search results are displayed with matches to user query shown in bold.

    Search results

    This is a full text search that uses simple search strings for words or phrases. Note that searches are not case-sensitive.

    Open the search results in a new browser tab from a search box by pressing Ctrl + Enter or by holding Ctrl and clicking the start search icon icon. In Google Chrome or Firefox, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to switch the focus to the new browser tab.

  2. Widen your search across all feeds, or narrow it to specific views and package types. Note that Views filter would only appear if a single feed is selected from Feeds filter. Use the "filter" icon to show the selector lists.

    Showing the filter lists

  3. Select the criteria you want in the drop-down selector lists, or search across the entire organization.

    Selector drop-down lists

  4. By switching pivots, quickly search code containing the same search string, or search for the same string in your wikis or search for the same string in your work items

    Search for code or wiki or work items containing the same search string

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