Manage README and Wiki permissions

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By default, all members of the Contributors group can edit README files and Wiki pages.

Manage README permissions

You manage the permissions for README files by setting permissions on the repository.

Manage wiki permissions

By default, all project contributors have read and edit access of the wiki repository. You can grant or restrict access to who can read and edit wiki pages by managing the wiki repository permissions.


Feature availability: The built-in wiki is available with TFS 2018 and later versions. To download TFS 2018, see the TFS 2018 Release Notes.

To open the Security dialog, choose More>Security on the wiki home page.

Wiki, Choose More, select security

For definitions of each repository permission, see Git repository permissions.

Wiki security dialog

Don't have access to create a page?

If you don't have access to create a wiki page, you need to contact an administrator to grant you adequate permission on the underlying Git repository of the wiki. Even if you don't have access to a wiki page, you can see the security and identify an administrative member who can provision access to the wiki.

View wiki security if you don't have access to Wiki

Stakeholder wiki access

Users with Stakeholder access in a private project can read wiki pages and view revisions, however they can't perform any edit operations. For example, stakeholders can't create, edit, reorder, or revert changes to pages. These permissions can't be changed. They have full access to Wikis in public projects.

Wiki stakeholders cannot edit or create pages

Q & A

Q: Is it possible to grant permissions on a per-page basis?

A: No, permissions to access the wiki are made for all pages and not individual pages.