Search Wiki

Azure DevOps Services | TFS 2018.2

With wiki search, you can search within a project wiki or across all wikis created for the account.


Choose Previous navigation when you see a top-level blue bar. Choose New navigation if you see a vertical sidebar or if you enabled the New Navigation preview feature. The vertical sidebar, along with other navigational features, is enabled when the New Navigation preview feature has been enabled for the signed-in user or the organization. To learn how to use the web portal effectively, see Web portal navigation.

For on-premises TFS, choose Previous Navigation for guidance.

Choose Overview>Wiki and type your keyword or phrase into the search box.

Wiki search option

New navigation isn't supported on TFS at this time. Choose Previous navigation for guidance.

The search feature quickly returns wiki pages by title or page content.

English language stemming support helps you find the most relevant wiki pages. For example, when you enter request in the search box, wiki search will return page results containing related words such as requesting, requested, requests, and so on.

Wiki search results


When you search from Wiki, you'll automatically navigate to wiki search results. If you initiate a search from another page, such as one under Repos/Code or Boards/Work, then first select the Search wiki option from the search box menu options.