Azure Artifacts - Sprint 157 Update


Get latest Universal Package with Semantic Versioning (SemVer) wildcard

It has been a long pending request on Developer Community to get the latest Universal Package version using SemVer wildcard syntax. You can now get latest using both the Azure CLI and the Universal Package Azure Pipelines task. Check out the documentation to learn more.

Azure Artifacts feeds in the Visual Studio Package Manager

We now show package icons, descriptions, and authors in the Visual Studio NuGet Package Manager for packages served from Azure Artifacts feeds. Previously, most of this metadata was not provided to VS.

Next steps


These features will roll out over the next two to three weeks.

Head over to Azure DevOps and take a look.

How to provide feedback

We would love to hear what you think about these features. Use the help menu to report a problem or provide a suggestion.

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You can also get advice and your questions answered by the community on Stack Overflow.


Aaron Hallberg