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Signing into Azure DevOps using your GitHub credentials

Now you can use your GitHub credentials to sign in to Azure DevOps. You will see the option to sign in with your GitHub account on all Microsoft log in pages. To use your GitHub credentials, click on Sign in with GitHub.

Azure DevOps sign in page.

After signing into GitHub and authorizing the Microsoft application, you will get a new Microsoft account that is linked to your GitHub identity. During this process, you also have the opportunity to link it to an existing Microsoft account if you like.

You can see the blog post with the full announcement here

A simpler way to buy Azure DevOps

We are constantly working to improve our end-to-end experience, including how you purchase our product. In response to your feedback, we are pleased to announce changes that will simplify how you purchase some of Azure DevOps services. We’ll be rolling out the Azure Artifacts changes on May 6, 2019 and the other licensing changes will be reflected on your bill from June 1, 2019 on.

Take a look at the blog post with the full announcement here.

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