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Get personalized notifications with @mention support in Slack apps

Up to now, while using the Azure DevOps apps with Slack, customers have had to spend a considerable amount of time polling Slack channels looking for notifications requiring action. Now, the Azure Boards app for Slack, Azure Repos app for Slack and Azure Pipelines app for Slack will use @mentions in notifications to alert users.

Here are some example scenarios where users are @mentioned:

  • Failed builds will @mention the creator of the build
  • Release deployments waiting for approval will @mention approver
  • Work items assignments will @mention the new owner
  • Work item state changes will @mention the owner
  • Pull requests waiting for approval will @mention the approver
  • Pull requests being approved or rejected will @mention the pull request creator

Kyle gets @mentioned when a release deployment is waiting for her approval

Release deployment waiting for approval.

Brian gets @mentioned when a work item is assigned to him

Work item is assigned.

Alice gets @mentioned when her pull request gets approved

Pull request gets approved.

Download a list of organizations to a directory

You can now download the complete list of organizations backed by your Azure Active Directory tenant. This list can be retrieved from the Azure Active Directory tab in the Organization Settings of any organization associated with the directory. The download details will include the organization ID, Organization Name, Organization URL, and the Organization Owner.

Download the complete list of organizations backed by your Azure Active Directory.

Next steps


These features will roll out over the next two to three weeks.

Head over to Azure DevOps and take a look.

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