Azure Artifacts - Sprint 174 Update


Configure upstream sources for Universal Packages

Now you can configure your Azure Artifacts feeds to automatically download Universal Packages from upstream sources on demand.

Previously, you could configure upstream sources on your feed for NuGet, Python, Maven, and npm packages, but not for Universal Packages. This was due to a difference in the storage technology used for Universal Packages, which support much larger packages than other supported package types.

You can now configure upstream sources for Universal Packages in the same way as for other package types; open your feed settings, click Upstream sources -> Add upstream source -> and choose the source type that is right for you. You will see Universal Packages (UPack) as a new option in the next view (see image below). For more information, please see the upstream sources configuration documentation.


Note that Universal Packages in upstream sources are only supported between feeds in the same DevOps Organization.

Update Package Version REST API now available for Maven packages

You can now use the Azure Artifacts "Update Package Version" REST API to update Maven package versions. Previously, you could use the REST API to update package versions for NuGet, Maven, npm, and Universal Packages, but not Maven packages.

To update Maven packages, use the HTTP PATCH command as follows.


You can set the following:

URI Parameters

Name In Required Type Description
artifactId path TRUE string Artifact ID of the package
feed path TRUE string Name or ID of the feed
groupId path TRUE string Group ID of the package
organization path TRUE string The name of the Azure DevOps organization
version path TRUE string Version of the package
project path string Project ID or project name
api-version query TRUE string Version of the API to use. This should be set to '5.1-preview.1' to use this version of the api

Request Body

Name Type Description
views JsonPatchOperation The view to which the package version will be added

For more information, please refer to the REST API documentation as it gets updated.

Next steps


These features will roll out over the next two to three weeks.

Head over to Azure DevOps and take a look.

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