Administering Team Foundation Version Control

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Topics in this section describe how to complete common administrative version control tasks using Team Foundation.

In This Section

Configure Check-Out Settings
Explains how to configure source control check-out settings.

Managing File Types
Describes how to add, edit, and remove file type extensions associated with Team Foundation version control check-ins.

Set and Enforce Quality Gates
Describes the purpose of check-in policies and notes, and how to customize them.

Control Access to Team Foundation Version Control
Explains the steps required to add users and groups to Team Foundation version control.

Remove Access to Version Control Files
Describes how to remove access to a file under version control.

Undo Changes in Another User's Workspace
Describes how to undo pending changes in another user's workspace.

Clean Up Files When Users Leave
Explains how to dispose of obsolete files.

Destroy Version Controlled Files
Describes how to destroy files and folders.

Migrate from Visual SourceSafe
Explains how to use the Team Foundation VSSConverter command-line tool to migrate projects, files, version history, labels, and user information from your Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005 database to Team Foundation version control.


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