Create a lab in Azure DevTest Labs

A lab in Azure DevTest Labs is the infrastructure that encompasses a group of resources, such as Virtual Machines (VMs), that lets you better manage those resources by specifying limits and quotas. This article walks you through the process of creating a lab using the Azure portal.


To create a lab, you need:

Get started with Azure DevTest Labs in minutes

By clicking the following link, you will be transferred to the Azure portal page that allows you to start creating a new lab in Azure DevTest Labs.

Get started with Azure DevTest Labs in minutes

Fill out settings for your new account

On the Create a DevTest Labs page, fill out the following settings.


At the bottom of each page, you will find a link that allows you to download a template for automation.

Basic settings

By default you see the Basic settings tab.

basic settings

Fill out these values:

Name Description
Subscription Required. Select the Subscription to associate with the lab.
Resource group Required. Enter a name for the resource group for the lab. Create a new one if one doesn't exist.
Lab name Required. Enter a name for the lab.
Location Required. Select a location in which to store the lab.
Public environments See Configure and use public environments.

Auto-shutdown settings

Switch to the Auto-shutdown page to see its settings. Auto-shutdown allows you to automatically shut down all machines in a lab at a scheduled time each day.

Auto-shutdown tab

On the page, you can enable Auto-shutdown and define the parameters for the automatic shutting down of all the lab's VMs. The auto-shutdown feature is mainly a cost-saving feature whereby you can specify when you want the VM to automatically be shut down. You can change auto-shutdown settings after creating the lab by following the steps outlined in the article Manage all policies for a lab in Azure DevTest Labs.


When creating a lab, a default network will be created for you. Switch to the Networking tab to changed/configure the setting as you like. For example, select an existing virtual network.

Networking tab


Enter NAME and VALUE information for Tags if you want to create custom tagging that is added to every resource you will create in the lab. Tags are useful to help you manage and organize lab resources by category. For more information about tags, including how to add tags after creating the lab, see Add tags to a lab.

Tags tab

Review and create

Once done, select Create. You can monitor the status of the lab creation process by watching the Notifications area at the top-right of the portal page.

Create tab

Completed the creation

Once completed, the Go to resource button appears at the bottom of the page and in the notification window. Alternatively, refresh the DevTest Labs page to see the newly created lab in the list of labs.

Creating the service

Press Go to resource button and you will be brought to the home page of your new DevTest Labs account.


You can also search for DevTest Labs in the Azure portal. Select your new account from the list and get to the home page.

Created the service

Next steps

Once you've created your lab, here are some next steps to consider: