Resize a VM in a lab in Azure DevTest Labs

One of the important features of Azure virtual machines is that it lets you change the size of a virtual machine (VM) based on your needs for CPU, network, or disk performance. Azure DevTest Labs supports this feature for VMs in a lab now. The resize feature adheres to the lab policy for allowed VM sizes in the lab. That is, you can change the size of a VM to only allowed sizes in the lab.

Steps to resize a VM in a lab

To resize a VM in a lab in Azure DevTest Labs, take the following steps:


If you are connected to the VM via a remote desktop session (RDP), save your work, and disconnect from the VM before resizing it.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Select All Services, and then select DevTest Labs from the list.

  3. From the list of labs, select the lab that includes the VM you want to resize.

  4. In the left panel, select My Virtual Machines.

  5. From the list of VMs, select a VM.

  6. Select Stop on the toolbar if the VM is running. Check the status of the operation in the Notifications window. Wait until the VM is stopped and then close the Notifications window.

    Stop the VM

  7. In the Virtual Machine page for your VM, select Size under SETTINGS in the left menu.

    Size menu

  8. In the Choose a size window, browse and select a size for your VM, and click Select.

  9. Check the status of the resize operation in the Notifications window.

    Resize status

  10. After the resize operation succeeds, close the Notifications window.

  11. Select Overview in the left menu, and select Restart on the toolbar to restart the VM.

Next steps

For detailed information about the resize feature supported by Azure virtual machines, see Resize virtual machines.