What is a private Azure DNS zone

Azure Private DNS provides a reliable, secure DNS service to manage and resolve domain names in a virtual network without the need to add a custom DNS solution. By using private DNS zones, you can use your own custom domain names rather than the Azure-provided names available today.

The records contained in a private DNS zone are not resolvable from the Internet. DNS resolution against a private DNS zone works only from virtual networks that are linked to it.

You can link a private DNS zone to one or more virtual networks by creating virtual network links. You can also enable auto-registration feature to automatically manage the life cycle of the DNS records for the virtual machines deployed in a virtual network.


To understand how many private DNS zones you can create in a subscription and how many record sets are supported in a private DNS zone see Azure DNS limits


  • Single labeled private DNS zones are not supported. Your private DNS zone must have two or more labels. For example contoso.com has two labels separated by a dot. A private DNS zone can have a maximum 34 labels.
  • You can't create zone delegations (NS records) in a private DNS zone. If you intend to use a child domain, you can directly create the domain as a private DNS zone and link it to virtual network without setting up a nameserver delegation from the parent zone.

Next steps

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