Request increased DocumentDB account quotas

Microsoft Azure DocumentDB is a global scale database in which throughput and storage can be scaled to handle whatever you application requires. If you have any questions about the scale DocumentDB provides, please send an email to

This article shows how to request a quota increase by Azure support.

Request a quota adjustment

The following steps show how to request a quota adjustment.

  1. In the Azure portal, click More Services, and then click Help + support.

    Screenshot of launching help and support

  2. In the Help + support blade, click New support request.

    Screenshot of creating a support ticket

  3. In the New support request blade, click Basics. Next, set Issue type to Quota, Subscription to your subscription that hosts your DocumentDB account, Quota type to DocumentDB, and Support plan to Quota SUPPORT - Included. Then, click Next.

    Screenshot of support ticket request type

  4. In the Problem blade, choose a severity and include information about your quota increase in Details. Click Next.

    Screenshot of support ticket subscription picker

  5. Finally, fill in your contact information in the Contact information blade and click Create.

Once the support ticket has been created, you should receive the support request number via email. You can also view the support request by clicking Manage support requests in the Help + support blade.

Screenshot of support requests blade

Next steps

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