Monitor Event Grid message delivery

This article describes how to use the portal to see the status of event deliveries.

Event Grid provides durable delivery. It delivers each message at least once for each subscription. Events are sent to the registered webhook of each subscription immediately. If a webhook doesn't acknowledge receipt of an event within 60 seconds of the first delivery attempt, Event Grid retries delivery of the event.

For information about event delivery and retries, Event Grid message delivery and retry.

Delivery metrics

The portal displays metrics for the status of delivering event messages.

For topics, the metrics are:

  • Publish Succeeded: Event successfully sent to the topic, and processed with a 2xx response.
  • Publish Failed: Event sent to the topic but rejected with an error code.
  • Unmatched: Event successfully published to the topic, but not matched to an event subscription. The event was dropped.

For subscriptions, the metrics are:

  • Delivery Succeeded: Event successfully delivered to the subscription's endpoint, and received a 2xx response.
  • Delivery Failed: Event sent to subscription's endpoint, but received a 4xx or 5xx response.
  • Expired Events: Event was not delivered and all retry attempts were sent. The event was dropped.
  • Matched Events: Event in the topic was matched by the event subscription.

Event subscription status

To see metrics for an event subscription, you can either search by subscription type or by subscriptions for a specific resource.

To search by event subscription type, select All services.

Select all services

Search for event grid and select Event Grid Subscriptions from the available options.

Search for event subscriptions

Filter by the type of event, the subscription, and location. Select Metrics for the subscription to view.

Filter event subscriptions

View the metrics for the event topic and subscription.

View event metrics

To find the metrics for a specific resource, select that resource. Then, select Events.

Select events for a resource

You see the metrics for subscriptions for that resource.

Custom event status

If you've published a custom topic, you can view the metrics for it. Select the resource group for the topic, and select the topic.

Select custom topic

View the metrics for the custom event topic.

View event metrics

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