Connect to Azure Germany by using the Azure portal


Since August 2018, we have not been accepting new customers or deploying any new features and services into the original Microsoft Cloud Germany locations.

Based on the evolution in customers’ needs, we recently launched two new datacenter regions in Germany, offering customer data residency, full connectivity to Microsoft’s global cloud network, as well as market competitive pricing.

Additionally, on Sept 30th, 2020, we announced that the Microsoft Cloud Germany would be closing on October 29th, 2021. More details are available here:

Take advantage of the breadth of functionality, enterprise-grade security, and comprehensive features available in our new German datacenter regions by migrating today.

The Azure portal is the primary way that most people connect to Azure Germany.


Only the new portal (the one that uses the Azure Resource Manager deployment model) is available for Azure Germany.

You can create subscriptions for your account by going to the account home page.

Next steps

For more information about connecting to Azure Germany, see the following resources: