Manage and connect to your subscription in Azure Germany

Azure Germany has unique URLs and endpoints for managing your environment. It's important to use the right connections to manage your environment through the Azure portal or PowerShell. After you connect to the Azure Germany environment, the normal operations for managing a service work if the component has been deployed.


This applies to Azure customers in Microsoft Cloud Germany who purchase Azure services directly from Microsoft with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Effective September 14, 2019, a new European Union mandate took effect that requires customer credit card payments to go through a strong customer authentication (SCA) challenge. As a result, customers on pay-as-you-go pricing are unable to create new subscriptions or add or update payment information, until they migrate to a new Azure region.

Manage subscription

You can manage your Azure resources and view subscription billing information in the Azure portal.

Manage account

To manage your account information, such as your contact info, visit the Account center.

Next steps

Learn how to migrate to a new Azure region.