Azure Management - Governance

Azure Governance is a collection of concepts and services that are designed to enable management of your various Azure resources at scale. These services provide the ability to organize and structure your subscriptions in a logical way, create and deploy re-usable and Azure native packages of resources, to define, audit and remediate your resources, and more. Use this page to find out more about these concepts and services and how to enable and use each in your environment today.

Components and Services

  • Management Groups

    Management Groups

    Learn about grouping and organizing your subscriptions in a logical hierarchy that support the deployment of other Governance services in a structured way.

  • Resource Graph

    Resource Graph

    Use a powerful command-line tool (supports Azure CLI and Azure PowerShell) to rapidly query complex details about your Azure resources. Find and expose information that previously required complex and iterative scripts to discover those resources at scale.

  • Policy


    Define and apply standards to resources in your environment. Prevent the creation of undesired resources, enhance new resources with additional elements, and audit and remediate resources already in your environment.

  • Blueprints


    Create an Azure native package of artifacts (resource groups, policies, role assignments, Resource Manager templates and more) that can be dynamically deployed to subscriptions to create consistent, repeatable environments.

Cloud Adoption Framework

  • Overview

    The Cloud Adoption Framework provides technical guidance for Microsoft Azure. Because customers may still be in the process of choosing a cloud vendor, this framework provides cloud-agnostic guidance for higher-level decisions whenever possible.

  • Governance Overview

    For organizations with existing policies governing on-premises IT environments, cloud governance should complement those business policies.