Azure Reference Architectures

patterns & practices

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Our reference architectures are arranged by scenario, with multiple related architectures grouped together. Each individual architecture offers recommended practices and prescriptive steps, as well as an executable component that embodies the recommendations. Many of the architectures are progressive; building on top of preceding architectures that have fewer requirements.

Designing your infrastructure for resiliency

This series begins with recommended practices for optimal VM configuration and culminates in a multi-region deployment with failover.

Connecting your on-premises network to Azure

This series starts by demonstrating the ways to connect your existing network to Azure. Then it expands to cover requirements for availability and security.

Securing your hybrid network

This series covers proven practices on creating DMZ in Azure to secure connections coming from your on-premises datacenter, and the Internet.

Providing Identity services

This series starts by demonstrating how to use Azure Active Directory to provide user authentication in Azure. Then it expands to cover complex scenarios extending your ADDS infrastructure to Azure, and using ADFS for delegation.

Architecting scalable web application using Azure PaaS

This series covers recommendations for constructing scalable and highly available web apps.