Migrating your Health Bot to Azure

On the 1st January 2021, Microsoft Health Bot is moving from the Marketplace to Azure. The service is rebranding as the “Azure Health Bot” and will have great benefits for Health Bot partners and customers. New Health Bot instances will no longer be provisioned through the marketplace and existing customers can leverage a migration tool that moves their instance to Azure in a few minutes without any downtime.

Advantages of moving to Azure

As an Azure service, there will better alignment with Azure standards and tools. The Health Bot service will continue to be available in the marketplace for a limited period, however, we strongly recommend moving to Azure to benefit from a more consistent Azure experience. For example:

  • Azure Incentive Programs: Azure Health Bot will qualify for customer and partner incentive programs such as Monetary Commit, Commit to consume and discounted CSP pricing
  • Azure Resources: Leverage standard functionality available for Azure resources, such as Resource groups, Resource tagging and Budget management mechanisms
  • GEO expansion roadmap: As part of the move, Azure Health Bot will commit to GEO-expansion plans and prioritize availability in Hero Regions
  • Enterprise Agreements: Azure Health Bot will be compatible with EA billing arrangements and discounts

Azure migration tool

The move from Marketplace to Azure will require existing customers to use a “1-click” migration tool that has been purposefully designed to make the process seamless. The move takes a few minutes and requires no downtime. To get started, navigate to After the Health Bot admin portal and click the “migrate to Azure” button for each of the Health Bot instances you want to migrate.

Screen shot of the Health Bot Admin portal

Now follow the instructions in the migration wizard. The migration will take a few minutes and requires no downtime.


The migration tool will create a new Azure resource that will replace the Marketplace SaaS resource associated with your Health Bot. The actual Health Bot instance will not be impacted by this as the resources only reference the existing instance of bot you own. This means that you scenario logic, your data and any assets you created in the Health Bot management application will not be affected by the migration.

Provide the information required to create a new Azure resource. Select the Azure subscription to charge, a resource group and a plan type. The pricing tiers in Azure have been simplified. We now offer only free and standard plans that are equivalent to the Free (F0) and Metered (T1) plans in the marketplace.

First step of the migration tool

Verify the details are correct and complete the migration. The marketplace resource will be replaced with the Azure resoure. You Health Bot instance will not change. Second step of the migration tool

Wait a few moments for the migration to complete. If the migration is successful you will be notified and all owners of the Health bot will receive a confirmation email. Last step of the migration tool

You can follow the link to open the newly created resource in the Azure portal. In the Azure portal, you will be able to view and manage the plan for your Health Bot account.