Configure interrupting scenarios

In human conversation it is natural to temporarily discuss a different topic and then return to the previous subject. In some cases your bot is able to mimic this behaviour.

The Health Bot Service allows scenarios to temporarily interrupt the conversation flow. For example, an end user in a triage scenario may not understand a medical term being used. The user can ask the bot for the medical definition (interrupting the scenario) and then return to complete the triage.

The interruption behavior for system scenarios is predefined. Custom scenarios can also interrupt the conversation flow, however you need to configure the interruption behaviour. When you author your scenarios mark them as “Interrupting”, so they can be triggered whilst an existing scenario is a different scenario is active.

alt text

Interrupting scenarios can also be marked as “Breaking”. Breaking scenarios do not return to any of their parent scenarios when triggered by an interrupting intent. The breaking scenario replaces all existing scenarios and determines the new conversation flow.

alt text

You can also define a returning statement. The returning statement is a transitional message that is displayed in the chat thread. The message is displayed if the scenario is interrupted by another scenario. When the interrupting scenario is complete, the parent scenario displays it's returning message. Learn more about interruptions

Interrupting help

The system “Help” command is used to display a list of useful commands to the end user. If the help is called as an interrupting scenario, it will only display help items that are interrupting themselves.

The help items are added to the intent mapping together with non-interrupting help items. Help items are added to the interrupting help menu if they are mapped to scenarios that have been marked as interrupting.

alt text

Additional custom interrupting help commands can also be added in the interrupting help configuration pages. Learn more about asking the bot for help