Scenario Snapshots

Snapshots provide a simple way to capture the current state of a scenario and quickly alternate between different scenario states. This functionality allows the author to make major changes in the scenario, without losing previous versions.

Creating snapshot

During edit mode, click the "Create Snapshot" button.

Managing snapshots

Click the snapshots icon to manage the snapshots for this scenario in the scenario management page.

Click on the icon to open the Snapshots management window.

You will be able to:

  • View a snapshot
  • Compare a snapshot to the current version of the scenario
  • Compare two snapshots by selecting them a clicking on the "Compare Selected Snapshots" button
  • Promote a snapshot to be the current version
  • Delete a snapshot

Comparing a snapshot to a current version.

By promoting a selected snapshot, the current version of the scenario will be replaced with the snapshot, prior to this however, a new snapshot will be created from the current version.

Scenario imports

In some cases, snapshots are created automatically. When scenarios are imported into the management portal and the imported scenario conflicts with an existing scenario (ie. the scenarios have the same name and ID), the imported scenario will override the existing scenario and a snapshot of the existing scenario(before override) will be created automatically. This allows you to revert to the previous version of the scenario is required. Scenarios are imported into the bot when you restore the bot from a backup, use a template in the template gallery or explicitly import a scenario file from the scenario management page.